About MOVE

For over 50 years, ACCESS, the nation’s largest Arab American community nonprofit organization, has built communities and institutions that span multiple sectors with a focus on community empowerment. Our impact also extends far beyond our regional presence in southeast Michigan. Through our Arab American National Museum, Center for Arab American Philanthropy, National Network for Arab American Communities and Center for Arab Narratives, we are leveraging the power of Arab Americans in the arts, philanthropy, advocacy and research to advance social change on a national level. Bringing this community and its allies together on such a large scale is what led us to create MOVE.

In November of 2017, ACCESS and its national institutions first hosted MOVE (Mobilize, Organize, Vocalize, Empower), a first-of-its-kind inaugural summit that brought together over 500 change makers and key allies from all corners of the country to explore intersectionality in a safe environment, have critical conversations about a wide range of issues that impact Arab Americans, and build stronger relationships with other marginalized communities. The contagious energy was easily felt throughout the conference as Arab American artists, philanthropists, activists, community organizations, researchers, youth and our allies came together to talk about the issues that move them to action.  MOVE convened again in 2019 for another exciting event.

Building on the success of the 2017 and 2019 MOVE summit, MOVE 2023 will again gather together in person members of the Arab American community for three packed days of programming that will include compelling plenary speakers, innovative workshop sessions, presentations, performances from Arab American artists and more. MOVE 2023 will provide an opportunity for stakeholders and allies to connect and form relationships, dialogue with and learn from one another about the most pressing issues facing the community and develop a shared agenda for social change.

What makes MOVE so unique? Why MOVE?

One of the most exciting elements of MOVE 2023 is that it will highlight the collective power of the Arab American community by bringing together a variety of audiences, including: philanthropists, artists, community organizations, activists and organizers, youth, researchers and members of the general public including non-Arab allies.

There are a number of conferences and summits that focus on a particular niche or need. These events often operate in siloes, focusing on one small facet of a much larger picture and only looking in a single direction for a solution. MOVE 2023 aims to break down these siloes and foster an interdisciplinary, cross-sector experience that will allow for more creative problem solving in regards to the diverse and complex issues facing Arab Americans today. This emphasis on collaboration will make MOVE 2023 the place to be for Arab Americans and anyone interested in impacting social change, regardless of their background or field.

Anti-Oppression and Safe Spaces Statement

ACCESS and its national institutions strive to create a safe environment where all participants feel welcome. We do not tolerate behavior, language, and/or literature that is hurtful to other conference participants. This includes non-consensual physical contact and remarks that discriminate against race, ethnicity, religion, age, size, appearance, gender, class, sexual expression and/or orientation, and physical and mental abilities. Our expectation is that all participants will honor these ethics.