Workshop Spotlight: Engaging Your Board in Fundraising – What Works?

Hey NNAAC members! Read Mike Corbin’s guest blog post (below) to learn more about this valuable pre-conference session that’s being offered exclusively to NNAAC members.

Fundraising is not the only responsibility of boards or even the most important, but it is critical to the success of any nonprofit organization. If your board members are not donors themselves and actively supporting fund development, your organization is in trouble.  Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest complaints of nonprofit CEOs.

Happily, there are proven ways to get board members to make personally significant annual gifts, strategies to structure board focus on fund development, approaches to involving new people who know and like fundraising, and supports that can be put in place to help board members be effective fundraisers.

Join us November 16th at MOVE 2017 to share your own experiences and to learn What Works in addressing this critical challenge.  Leave with strategies that you can implement back home immediately.

For more information about this workshop and the others in the Organizational Development track, check out the full MOVE 2017 schedule.

Written by Mike Corbin
Mike Corbin Consulting

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